Month: June 2019


5 types of loans for the unemployed

Applying for a loan Applying for a loan – even a modest one – is not a problem for someone who has average credit to excellent, things get complicated when you are out of work for a long time. If you are unemployed, being denied a loan may seem like an insult to injury. You […]


Credit insurance and loan renegotiation immo

The borrower is free to subscribe the mortgage loan insurance with his bank (called ” group insurance “) or a competing organization (called ” insurance delegation “). Generally a delegation of insurance allows to benefit from a better tariff offer. In case of renegotiation of the mortgage The borrower insurance is normally subscribed for the […]

Personal Loan

Why choose us for your personal loan?

Why choose us for your personal loan? Credit agencies are numerous in Belgium as our comparator demonstrates. When a project is in your head, it is not difficult to find a bank that offers a personal loan.. This is the most popular loan in Belgium! But why choose us among the dozens of organizations on […]


The purchase of credit for professionals

Professionals (artisans, traders …) are not immune to debt, especially if they have taken several credits at the same time: professional loans, of course, but also personal (consumer loan, mortgage). In this case, it may be interesting for these professionals to group all their credits into one. This is called redemption of credits as for […]